Why we sell out of Barbecue…

A sampling of smoked meats
A sampling of smoked meats

The question we get the most often is, “Why do you always sell out of Barbecue?”.  The answer: To ensure that we have the freshest and best barbecue anywhere around!  We are both HUGE fans of barbecue and have frequented many of the popular spots in the area.  One thing we noticed over the years was that freshness was not a huge concern with many of the establishments.  We found that meat was being “smoked” in mass quantity to be sold and reheated over a period of time.  Reheating Barbecue???  That’s an absolute NO NO in our book.  It takes a lot of hours and patience to make truly great Barbecue. When you eat at City Butcher, you’re only going to get the freshest and best food available and, when it’s gone, it’s gone!  As the business grows and the demand swells, we’ll keep making the necessary adjustments to get a little further into the day before it’s all gone.  After all, there are an awful lot of people that haven’t discovered us yet.  We want to be Springfield’s favorite Barbecue joint!!

For all you folks out there that can’t seem to make it in time, give us a call early and reserve some Barbecue to be picked up later in the evening.  The shop is always open until 6 pm.  We hope to see you all real soon!!!

9 thoughts on “Why we sell out of Barbecue…”

  1. Gentlemen,
    I just wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed the brisket sandwich I purchased today. This was my first time visiting your establishment and I was impressed with the varity of items you offer. I have been looking for a place that serves great quality BBQ and I just might have found it. I will be back to sample the pork belly for sure. Best of luck to you both and keep up the good work.


    1. Brisket is our specialty but we do everything very well. Your best bet is to get a little bit of each of the meats and try it all. If you prefer sandwiches, get the City Smokestack. It has our Premium Brisket, Pulled Pork, Smoked Pork Belly and your choice of one of our handcrafted sausages. It’s a massive sandwich so make sure you have time for a nap afterwards! See you soon.


  2. I just heard about your restaurant on the radio with KSGF! I cannot wait to try your brisket! We are from Texas and it’s hard to find good barbecue like we find in the Lone Star state. (I’m not knocking Missouri’s bbq, but most people prefer what they grew up with.) We live over an hour away, but our son is going to college in Springfield, and your restaurant will be another reason to go see him!


    1. Thank you so much Darla! We really look forward to seeing you in the shop some day soon. A few tips for you: I’m sure you’re familiar with the way a lot of Texas Barbecue joints work and we’re not much different. We cook fresh every day and once it’s gone, it’s gone. We are only a lunch restaurant so your best bet is to be standing in line at 11 am or having a pre-order on the board ready for you to pick up. The way that works is: give us a call any time in advance all the way up to 1030 am on the day of and you can place an order either for dine-in or carry-out, we’ll get it on the board and your meat is reserved and won’t be sold to anyone else. Those are about the only tricks I can think of. Hope to see you soon!


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