How to make Everybody Happy…

Let me keep this simple…you can’t.
It has taken me 35 years, with a big chunk of those years in the restaurant industry, to finally get that through my thick skull. My entire career as a chef and restauranteur, I have always strived for perfection and, of course, usually fallen just short, to say the least. Every day here at City Butcher and Barbecue, we prepare all of our food with meticulous attention to detail using only the best product we can get our hands on and every day, we see happy smiling faces and get to meet and talk to satisfied customers. But, on occasion, we have a customer that isn’t happy with their experience at our establishment for various reasons; not the right flavor to the sauce, the side dishes aren’t “exciting” enough, etc. For the longest time, I let this bother me but recently, my best friend and business partner, Cody, explained something to me that I should have realized a long time ago: you can’t win ’em all! Although I will never stop striving for perfection, I now realize that City Butcher might not be everyone’s favorite barbecue joint but we will remain consistent with what we do for our loyal fans and customers. In the coming months, there will be a lot of big and exciting changes coming for City Butcher but, no matter what, we will never deviate from our business model of producing the freshest barbecue in the area. We listen to the voice of our customers by meeting them face to face and through the various social media channels, whether constructive or not, and ever-so-subtly adjust the way we do things to make sure that we deliver on our commitment to earn our spot on America’s Top 25 Barbecue Restaurants list.
So, if you’ve been to City Butcher and it wasn’t your favorite, THAT’S OK. We’re the new barbecue guys in town and we’ll always be striving to make it better so, give it some time and give us another shot. If you have been to City Butcher and you had a good experience, tell your friends (heck, tell your enemies, we’re not picky) and keep spreading the good word. We’re always willing to listen to your feedback and we will certainly always do our best to get back in touch with you.
We have a lot of love for the Ozarks and all of our amazing customers out there. We look forward to cutting fresh barbecue for you for years to come. Cheers!

Jeremy J. Smith

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