The Most Exciting News To Date…

We have been open for 10 months now and it has been quite a whirlwind! Soon after opening we figured out  that we had outgrown the space we had but we had no way to grow without moving to a different, larger location. We love where we are so we decided to be patient and see what came our way…Well, PATIENCE PAID OFF! Today, Jeremy and Cody signed a new lease on the space directly next door to us so that we may finally expand our location to meet the demand of our great customers! What will this mean for our current and future customers?

1) More seating. We will be expanding the dining room from 40 seats to 100+ seats. No more worrying about whether you’ll have a place to sit when you stop by for lunch. We will also have more space for larger parties and the ability of having private parties in the evenings after the shop is closed.

2) More Barbecue. We will more than double our smoker capacity to produce significantly more fresh smoked meat. We will still serve Barbecue first come, first served until we are SOLD OUT, but we will have the ability to make it a little further into the day with all of your favorites. However, we will not be expanding our hours much further past 6 pm.

3) Expanded Catering operations. With more smoker capacity, we will be able to eventually work into full service set up and delivery catering.

4) Faster Dine In and Carry Out Service. We will be restructuring the counter service design of our restaurant to feature TWO stations where barbecue will be cut fresh as well as TWO cashier stations. This means we will be able to move our great customers through the line twice as fast. Less waiting is a win for everyone! We will also have a much more defined area to queue up the line. No more wondering where the line starts and where it ends.

5) Sundays! We will be adding Lunch Service for Sundays. Looking for a new place to have a great lunch with the family on Sunday? We want to be the spot for you! Once the expansion is complete, we will begin cutting barbecue on a First Come, First Served Basis and close the shop once it’s all gone.

So, there it is! The journey begins to bring more great Barbecue to our fine city. Of course, none of this would be possible with out the fantastic support of all of our wonderful customers! We will be forever grateful. We will begin work immediately and we do not foresee having to close during any of the construction. You’ll have to pardon our progress, but we’ll do our best to make sure there are no issues with you getting your barbecue fix. We are tentatively shooting for middle to late October for the expansion to be completed, so start spreading the word to all your friends and family. We will have a very special Grand Re-Opening Celebration. Stay tuned!


Jeremy, Cody and the City Butcher Family

4 thoughts on “The Most Exciting News To Date…”

  1. 1st off “Tracy” you have no clue what your missing. 2nd. I’ve drilled all over the U.S. and eat B.B.Q weekly and gotta say from Texas to Montana its by far the best. As the ring stops the flavor and tender juice bursts all the way threw the meat. The extra seating will be nice after a meal such as this it’s hard to get up so others can be blown off there feet by insane bar b q.


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