More Barbecue. More Seating. More Hours

Dining roomNovember 14th marked 1 year of serving the freshest and best Barbecue in the Ozarks. It has been a very exciting journey and we owe it all to our fantastic customers that have supported us since day 1.  As we’ve mentioned before, this space that we started in was outgrown in just a few short months and, with nowhere else to go, we just had to hold on and maintain the quality and consistency that we have become known for.  At the beginning of September, this year, we announced that we had leased the space next door to our quaint little shop and would be expanding. Well, that time has come! We are pleased to announce that Thursday, November 19th, we will open the expansion of City Butcher to the public.

What does all of this mean for you?  Like the Headline says; More Barbecue, More Seating and More hours.  We have tripled our smoker capacity to accommodate more people in the restaurant as well as the expansion of our catering operations. Note: we will still sell out every day.  Barbecue will not be limitless.  We will maintain ourselves as primarily a Lunch restaurant but will be able to have barbecue available further into the day.  We have taken our seating capacity from 38 seats to 98 seats so, finding a seat for your lunch break will be easier than ever.  We have streamlined the service side of our operation to include 2 cutters and 2 cashiers for the busy times and a much more customer friendly waiting area.  We will begin opening for Sunday Lunch Service on November 29th.
While we have no intention of making any significant changes to our menu, we have made the highly requested transition to fountain soda service instead of the 20 oz. plastic bottle soda.  We will also be fresh brewing Sweet and Unsweet tea every day.  Don’t worry, we’ll still have all of your favorite glass bottle sodas on hand for your enjoyment and nostalgia.  We will also have a limited but quality lineup of bottled beer and 1 very special beer on tap. We are very excited for everyone to come see what we’ve done.  Share this post with all of your friends and family and spread the word.  We look forward to seeing you soon!

P.S.  We will be announcing a very special Grand Re-opening Celebration very soon.  Stay Tuned

–The City Butcher Family

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