In the spirit of Texas barbecue, simplicity is King.  Our sauces are crafted in house with only the finest of ingredients and nothing artificial.  We always encourage our guests to try the meat without the sauce first but, for the sauce lovers out there, we offer three of the finest sauces in the land: Mustard Barbecue, House Barbecue and Spicy Barbecue.

Mustard Barbecue

Mustard Barbecue - City Butcher Springfield MOOur homage to the South Carolina style.  Goes perfect with our pulled pork and pork belly

House Barbecue

House Barbecue Sauce - City Butcher Springfield MOA tangy sauce with just a hint of sweetness that goes well with all of our smoked meats.

Spicy Barbecue

Spicy Barbecue - City Butcher Springfield MOIt’s just like the House Barbecue but with a great kick for those that like it HOT!

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Barbecue & Butcher Springfield, Missouri

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