Every ingredient for the sides at City Butcher and Barbecue was meticulously selected from the finest sources.  We currently offer three different side dishes in three sizes: small (1 serving), medium (2-3 servings), and large (6-8 servings).  Larger sizes are available for catering orders.

  • Potato salad- A creamy mixture of red potatoes, Yukon golds, fresh mayonnaise, mustard, fresh dill, and house pickles.  You’re gonna wanna try this one!
  • Smokehouse Beans- Rich and flavorful beans mixed with some of our house barbecue sauce, fresh onions, green bell peppers, and loads of brisket burnt ends and pulled pork.  Definitely the house favorite.
  • Cole Slaw- We take a light and fresh approach to this slaw by leaving it unencumbered by any heavy ingredients.  Fresh cabbage is tossed in our house garlic vinaigrette with caraway seeds and just a touch of horseradish.  A perfect accompaniment to all of our smoked meats.

One thought on “Sides”

  1. I would like to say, you guys know the business. We have ate and carry out several times when we are in town, and you have the “BEST” around and I have ate a lot of barbecue, the only other person is a friend of mine in Winfield Kansas, but he was black and has passed away. You guys have my number “1”. You need to add polish sausage to menu, because I can’t eat Hot Links, to HOT. I love polish.
    Good Job, Thanks
    Don & Gayle Hearlson


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