Get to know us!

You’ve probably seen all of us working hard and having fun while at City Butcher.  We enjoy making our customers happy every single day and are very passionate about what we do here. So, every week we will be posting short biographies about ourselves.  This gives you the opportunity to have a better understanding of who we are outside of the restaurant.

Our first family member we are featuring is Rachel Erickson.  She has been with us since November 2015 and has been an exceptional member to our team!

Rachel Erickson

“Hi I’m Rachel! I love nature, traveling, creating, and trying anything new. When I’m not creating works of meat art I can be found painting with acrylics, under the name Rakel Rose, please check out my art. My style is surreal and abstract, and I try to incorporate current political events and themes within my art. Anything to get people to think about things differently. My biggest inspirations are artists such as Salvador Dali, Van Gogh, and DELA. I am also very passionate about volunteering, especially for special needs. I have a very close friend named Truman who suffered a brain injury several years back, and he has been a huge influence in my getting involved with volunteer work. One of my biggest goals is to build a self-sustainable farm that is handicap friendly to bring Truman to so that he can enjoy his life to the fullest extent. Along with that, I hope to bring more locally sourced produce to the restaurant industry in Springfield to help bring a higher quality of food and local networking within the city.”

Summer Rollout Party! June 25th

We have been very fortunate to come this far and here we are again, another hot and humid summer in the Ozarks is beginning soon and we are absolutely loving it. Since this past November, we have grown in more ways than just our dining room and smoker capacity. Our City Butcher family has grown into something very special and quite unique.

There are restaurants far and few between that I’ve found that has the comradery between its staff and for everyone to have a great deal of care and compassion for the product and most importantly, you, our guests.  You all have been great to us over the past 7 months since our expansion and we truly appreciate your loyalty and passion for great barbecue and top-notch service.

To show our appreciation, Saturday, June 25th, we will be doing our Summer Rollout event. This is a time for the community to come together and enjoy delicious barbecue, live local music by Marcus Chatman and Chris May and a fantastic local craft beer to help wash it all down.  Springfield, Missouri’s very own White River Brewing Co. has gratuitously brewed us a beautiful, crystal clear pilsner unlike any you have ever had.  We are proud to introduce Butcher Block Pils, a phenomenal easy drinking session lager that is perfect for the gorgeous Spring and Summer weather we enjoy here in the Ozarks.  If you’ve had it before, you already know how good it is. If not, June 25th will make a great first experience.  The first 75 customers to purchase a Butcher Block Pils will get a free City Butcher/White River pint glass to take with you!  This is currently the only place you can get one of these great looking pint glasses.  Butcher Block Pils is the only beer we have on tap and was brewed specially for our restaurant and designed to be paired with our Texas-style Barbecue.  For those of you that like something with a little extra kick, we’ll also be serving up our very own Butcher Block Beer-Rita made with Premium Tequila, fresh juices and our house beer.

We can’t thank you all enough and we really look forward to seeing all of you on the 25th of June.


-Blaine Hauschel, General Manager

and the City Butcher Family


City Butcher’s Mother’s Day Special

It’s that time of the year to really show your appreciation to that special woman that brought you into this world!

We will be doing our annual Mother’s Day Prime Rib Special on the 8th of May. What’s a better way to show her that you love her than by getting her something delicious to eat! If you would like to get your hands on this tasty treat, give us a call (417-720-1113) or come down to the shop at 3650 S. Campbell Ave. to reserve your smoked Prime Rib.

The latest you can get your pre-order in is by 11am on the 5th of May and  to be picked it up on the 8th. There are two ways to order this delicious treat, by the half or whole. On average, half is 5 pounds and a whole is 10 pounds. At $22/lb, the Prime Rib is smoked medium rare and will make you wish you had ordered more. So do your mama a favor, give her a hug and a kiss, tell her that you love her and give her something good to eat. She deserves it!

-Your City Butcher Family

Valentine’s Day Butcher Boxes

We have the perfect solution to beat the hectic sh*t show that is Valentine’s Day dining. We will be offering boxes that will contain everything, including instructions, that you need to easily prepare an amazing steak dinner. Your special Valentine will believe you have master culinary chops!


-One 24 oz Porterhouse Steak for Two sous vide in butter and garlic. (perfectly cooked to rare all you have to do is sear it and slice it)

-Duck Fat Rosemary Potatoes (all you have to do is pop them in the oven)
-French Green Beans in garlic, butter, and parsley (Simply saute for a couple minutes)

-Freshly baked Rosemary and Olive Oil Boule from The Artisan’s Oven

-One 6″ Red Velvet Pie from Fork and Crust Pie Company (no really, this is amazing!)

Each package will come specially packaged in in a brown box with a red bow, and will include instructions for preparation. The cost for this amazing meal for two is $60.



Give us a call at (417)720-1113 to place your order.

Super Bowl Barbecue Packages

super bowl




The Super Bowl is coming up fast. It’s time to start planning that legendary feast for you and your friends. We’ve designed some perfect packages to make your tailgate party a guaranteed hit.

  • Texas Tailgate Package
    Premium Brisket
    Pork Spare Ribs
    Trio of Handcrafted Sausages
    Choice of two side dishes
    Pickles, Onions, Jalapenos, Sauce and Bread


  • The Big Game Sandwich Package
    Chopped Premium Brisket
    Pulled Pork
    Fresh Baked Buns
    Choice of two side dishes
    Pickles, Onions, Jalapenos and Sauce

Both of these packages are available for 5, 10, 15 and 20 people

Texas Tailgate Package: $13/person
5 person: $65
10 person: $130
15 person: $195
20 person: $260

The Big Game Sandwich Package: $8.40/person
5 person: $42
10 person: $84
15 person: $126
20 person: $168

We will also have Half Gallon Growlers of our House Beer, Butcher Block Pils, available for pick up that day as well.
Give us a call at (417) 720-1113 and we’ll get your order on the board!
Deadline is Thursday, February 4 at NOON.

City Butcher+White River=Butcher Block Pils!

tap handle-01growler







How do you make awesome Barbecue even better? Serve it up with a delicious, ice cold local beer. That was our goal here at City Butcher when we met with the powers-that-be at White River Brewery on Commercial Street right here in Springfield. Since opening our Barbecue shop, Cody and Jeremy daydreamed about having a locally brewed beer that perfectly complimented the barbecue City Butcher serves. After a lot of plotting, planning, licensing and various other governmental red tape, we are proud to announce the release of our very own City Butcher beer, Butcher Block Pils! This collaboration beer brings the clean, easy drinking flavor of a pilsner to a whole new level. Created to be enjoyed by brew aficionados as well as the Average Joe, Butcher Block Pils is the perfect balance of Malt and Hops that accompanies any of our carefully smoked meat treats.

Come in today and try a pint and take home a Half Gallon Growler to enjoy at home! The Growlers make an excellent gift for any of your beer loving friends or the perfect addition to any BYOB party.

We hope you enjoy this perfect pairing as much as we do!

More Barbecue. More Seating. More Hours

Dining roomNovember 14th marked 1 year of serving the freshest and best Barbecue in the Ozarks. It has been a very exciting journey and we owe it all to our fantastic customers that have supported us since day 1.  As we’ve mentioned before, this space that we started in was outgrown in just a few short months and, with nowhere else to go, we just had to hold on and maintain the quality and consistency that we have become known for.  At the beginning of September, this year, we announced that we had leased the space next door to our quaint little shop and would be expanding. Well, that time has come! We are pleased to announce that Thursday, November 19th, we will open the expansion of City Butcher to the public.

What does all of this mean for you?  Like the Headline says; More Barbecue, More Seating and More hours.  We have tripled our smoker capacity to accommodate more people in the restaurant as well as the expansion of our catering operations. Note: we will still sell out every day.  Barbecue will not be limitless.  We will maintain ourselves as primarily a Lunch restaurant but will be able to have barbecue available further into the day.  We have taken our seating capacity from 38 seats to 98 seats so, finding a seat for your lunch break will be easier than ever.  We have streamlined the service side of our operation to include 2 cutters and 2 cashiers for the busy times and a much more customer friendly waiting area.  We will begin opening for Sunday Lunch Service on November 29th.
While we have no intention of making any significant changes to our menu, we have made the highly requested transition to fountain soda service instead of the 20 oz. plastic bottle soda.  We will also be fresh brewing Sweet and Unsweet tea every day.  Don’t worry, we’ll still have all of your favorite glass bottle sodas on hand for your enjoyment and nostalgia.  We will also have a limited but quality lineup of bottled beer and 1 very special beer on tap. We are very excited for everyone to come see what we’ve done.  Share this post with all of your friends and family and spread the word.  We look forward to seeing you soon!

P.S.  We will be announcing a very special Grand Re-opening Celebration very soon.  Stay Tuned

–The City Butcher Family

Barbecue & Butcher Springfield, Missouri